Adoption Counselling

Adoption Counselling is for anyone affected by adoption. This may be adopted persons, birthparents who are in the process of losing or have lost a child to adoption, other birth family members, adoptive parents or other adoptive family members.

Sometimes people may choose to come for Adoption Counselling whilst they are still going through the lengthy and often difficult adoption process. Others may come at some point after an adoption has taken place. This may have been recently or in some cases, many years ago.

I undetake Adoption Support work (through Barnardo's).

Under the Adoption Support Agency Regulations (2005) all Adoption Counsellors have to be registered with an Adoption Support Agency (ASA). This can only be done after successfully completing training in Adoption Counselling. I have trained with, and am registered by LINK an Adoption Support Agency which is part of Barnardo's. 




Counselling in Bedford. Telephone 07873 211514. Email

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