What Should I Expect?

You will be given an initial appointment to meet your counsellor and to make sure that you feel comfortable to work with her. In this initial session you will be able to start to talk through your difficulties and to decide together whether counselling is going to be helpful to you.

If you decide to continue you will normally be offered six sessions. After this you will be able to decide whether you would like to continue the counselling further and in which case agree with your counsellor a further set of sessions.

Each counselling session lasts for fifty minutes and generally takes place on the same day and at the same time each week.

Everything that you say to your counsellor will be treated as confidential.

The charge for each session is  50 for individuals and 55 for couples. 

To find out a little bit more about what happens in the sessions please choose the previous menu option "Counselling".




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